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Holiday Packages

Holiday Packages for couples and families

We have prepared a compact offer of holiday packages, which are focused on stays of families with children in the South Moravia as well as on the romantic souls who wish to experience unforgettable holidayin the Moravian Karst. 

Come relax to the Moravian Karst and to the hotel Skalní mlýn. There is beautiful and untouched countryside awaiting you, mysterious caves, as well as our staff ready to help you so that your stay in Skalní mlýn is smooth and quiet. Draw positive energy in the Moravian Karst!

Come and stay for a weekend or a week, for holiday with children or with a partner, and you will see that you will not want to go back home. 

If you don´t choose any of the packages offered, we will gladly create an offer tailored to your needs – do not hesitate to contact us.

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