Macocha Abyss in the Moravian Karst

Macocha Abyss is an inseparable part of Punka Caves; it was created by gradual collapsing of several floors of huge cave areas. It is 138.5 meters deep down to the surface of the Lower lake where its depth continues to for 187.5 m or even more. We can admire its beauty either from its bottom or as a part of the sightseeing tour of Punkva Caves, or from the two sightseeing bridges. The upper one is situated at the upper edge of the abyss while the lower one is situated in the height of approx. 90 m.

Right by the Upper Bridge there is Macocha Chalet, the stopping point of many travelers who appreciate its stylish atmosphere, local cuisine and romantic atmosphere of this unique place.

Macocha Abyss may be reached by the road with a big park-and-ride lot, or you can walk and try one of the tourist routes, or use the aerial tramway starting right at the Punkva Caves.