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Tourist routes

Tourism in the Moravian Karst

The Moravian Karst is like a net made up of tourist routes and nature trails which are very well signposted and maintained. They lead through the most famous tourist attractions, such as Macocha and caves, so there is really something for everyone.

Walk through deep valleys and karst gullies up to the plateaus with amazing view on the magical landscape of the Moravian Karst with its limestone structures and woody hills of Drahanská Highland.

In the surroundings of our hotel there are, for example, the following nature trails:

Macocha nature trail (6 km, 16 stops)

The trail leads from Skalní mlýn to Kateřinská Cave. From Kateřinská Cave leads a steep climb up to the Upper Bridge of Macocha Abyss. After the excursion in the cave you are welcome to have some refreshment in the Macocha Chalet. From the Upper Bridge the trail continues onwards towards the outlook at Koňský spád; after that, you will descend down to the depth of Pustý žleb where the lower stop of the aerial tramway and Punkva Caves with boats can be found. The final stage follows the track of the sightseeing train back to Skalní mlýn.

Nature trail around Rudické propadání and Jedovnice area (9 km, 13 stops)

The trail leads from the square in Jedovnice from where you go past the well-known fishponds Olšovec and Budkovan. By going alongside Jedovnický stream you will reach the breathtaking Rudické propadání. Its cave system - Rudické propadání - Býčí skála is with its 12 kilometers of lenghth the second longest cave system in the Czech Republic.

The inside of Rudické propadání is not accessible to the public. Visiting is possible only as a part of speleology courses lead by speleologists.

As a part of your trips you can also visit castle ruins - Nový hrad, Holštejn or Blansek. In the Moravian Karst you can also find observation towers - Podvrší in Veselice, Alexandrovka near Adamov, Babí lom near Brno, Malý Chlum near the town Obora or the Observation Tower nearby Žernovník.

Or do you prefercastles? There is a Rennaisance castle in Blansko, a French-type chateau in Rájec nad Svitavou or castles in Kuštát and Lysice with beautiful gardens which glow with numerous colour variations in summer.

Lovers of sacral monuments will enjoy Santini’s baroque temple in Křtiny or Pilgrimage Church in Sloup. There are two churches in Blansko. One of them is the baroque church of St. Martin with a vantage point in the churchtower, which is accessible by the recently renovated staircase. From there, the visitors can admire the view of the Svitava river valley, Blansko castle and the wooden church built in the 17th century which had originally been constructed in Nižní Seliště in Ukraine's Zakarpattia Oblast.

After travelling around Moravian Karst you will appreciate pleasing relaxation in one of the nearby waterparks in Blansko, Boskovice or Kuřim. Those of you who like natural water reservoirs can take a trip to fish pond in Jedovnice, Ostrov u Macochy or ride a bike to Suchý, where the water is clear (thanks to high altitude) the whole season and therefore it is a popular bathing place.

As you can see, no one gets bored in the Moravian Karst!