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Moravian Karst and the surroundings

Beauties of the Moravian Karst and its surroundings

The Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Region, that is not just Macocha and Punkva Caves, but also many other interesting places such as the chateaus in Lysice or Rájec-Jestřebí, pilfrimage churches in Křtiny and Sloup, waterpark in Blansko or rope centre Velká dohoda in former limestone quarry nearby Holštějn. The whole area is interlaced with dense network of tourist routes and cycling routes, it is situated on the border of Drahanská vrchovina (Drahany Highland) and so, while you your trip, you have  a unique possibility to admire the beauties of this matchless area.

Macocha Abyss, Punkva Caves with boats, Sightseeing Train, Aerial Tramway to Macocha Abyss, Kateřinská Cave with a witch, Sloup-Šošůvka Caves with  with remains  of Neanderthal men and much more, such as Podvrší observation tower in Veselice or pilgrimage church in Sloup.

Haven’t you heard about it yet? So come and go on a trip!