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Sport events

Sport events

You can participate in various sports events in the Moravian Karst and its surroundings. Among the biggest ones are Blanenská 10 race and the Moravian Karst Half-marathon; opening of the winter swimmer season by swimming in Punkva river is also a traditional event. Extend your weekend and combine sport with sightseeing.

The Moravian Karst Half-marathon, Blanenská 10 Circuit

The Moravian Karst Half-marathon: Traditional annual event which has a countrywide response and is attended by almost 1000 runners. The main run starts in Blansko on the town square and the turn is situated right by the Punkva Caves. The participants run right past the hotel and our guests have always been cherished fans. Apart from the main race there are other races and events prepared so there is something for each family member.

All information can be found at: http://blansko.sportujsnami.cz

Blanenská 10

Last year’s race took place on Saturday, 12 September 2015 and it has become a holiday of sports and active movement for all the fans of running, in-lines, or scooter riding. The event had been attended by almost 1000 competitors from the little ones who raced on their first bikes to the experienced ones who raced on Blanenská 10 Circuit.

All information can be found at: http://www.blanenskadesitka.cz/