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Tips for family trips around the Moravian Karst

There are many tips for family trips with children in the Moravian Karst. Whether you stay at the Hotel Skalní Mlýn or come here just for day trips, there are still enough activities in our area. Do you want to enjoy an active holiday and do something every day? Or do you prefer to relax? As you wish. Children can play in the water park and parents can relax on a blanket.

Various experiences will fulfill your family trip with children

A proper family journey with children should be shrouded in mystery, full of adventure, and certainly not bored children or adults. This will not happen in the Moravian Karst. Discover the mysterious corners of karst formations, caves and rocks. Take a nature trail with exploring local plant and animal species. We have prepared a route for you from the Dům přírody Moravského krasu through Punkva Caves and Macocha Abyss. Take a ride on a road train and on boats in caves!

Special program for children in the Museum of Blansko

Visit the Museum of Blansko, where is for children prepared a summer holiday competition. At the beginning of the tour, the children receive a squire passport and look for hidden task boxes in the chateau chambers. After finishing tasks children will receive a stamp and a diploma. The tasks are focused on getting to know historical personalities who lived in Blansko region (Jindřich Wankel, Karel Absolon, Countess Karolina Meineke, inventors and artists). The tasks relate to the knowledge about historical personalities of Blansko. There is also various activities, such as breathing retention as in underwater cave discoveries. An interactive and entertaining form of guided tour of the museum will help children to better remember the acquired knowledge.

Take a trip to the Fairytale Kingdom of the snail Krasík in the Moravian Karst

Another possibility is to follow Snail Krasík to the fairy-tale kingdom and wander with him around the beauties of the Moravian Karst and its surroundings. There are several ways to get involved. Play Krasík's geocaching game and look for mysterious cache boxes. They are hidden in many places, and if you find them all, you will even solve a seasonal game and find a fairy-tale fairy at the encrypted coordinates. Or visit Fairytale Offices in Blansko and collect stamps on your passport. For a certain number of stamps you will receive, for example, a memory game or a fairy-tale book.

More tips for families trips with children

  • Soap and candle workshop Mydlidědek Lažánky
  • Blansko Dam (bathing, playground, minigolf…)
  • stronghold New Castle in Adamov
  • Ostrich farm in Doubravice nad Svitavou
  • Beekeeping Museum and lookout tower Podvrší Veselice
  • Western town in Boskovice
  • Aquaparks in Blansko, Boskovice or Vyškov
  • Dino and zoo park Vyškov