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Visit the Moravian Karst by bike

Whether you're a passionate cyclist or just sitting on the bike occasionally. For everyone there is an opportunity to spend a holiday in the Moravian Karst by bike. Or at least part of it. Whether you enjoy a peaceful road ride or are not afraid of challenging forest terrain, you will find everything around the Skalní mlýn. You do not have to worry about safe storage of bikes, hotel guests have free storage with us. In case of need we have at our reception desk also basic equipment for minor repairs of your bikes, or we can arrange their service.

Cycling routes for families with children

Thanks to the varied terrain, everyone here will come into their own. For more demanding athletes there are hills on which they get warm, but you can also find flat trails suitable for families with children. See the list of cycling routes in the near and distant surroundings of the Skalní mlýn. In Blansko there are also pleasant cycling paths along the Svitava river, which can also be used for roller skating. Bicycle paths are a safe place for children who want to ride a bike on their own. So you can adapt your bike holiday to the smallest.

Singletrail Moravský kras

New singletrail routes near Jedovnice are gaining more and more fans. You will have a lot of fun and adrenaline on the mountain bike trails. If you want to try a ride but you do not have a mountain bike, in Jedovnice we will gladly lend it to you. For more information, call 731 462 595.

Bike boxes - storage of bikes on the Skalní mlýn

The fact that cyclists are welcome in this area is also evidenced by the presence of bike boxes in the vicinity of the Skalní mlýn hotel. It is a place for safe storage of your bikes. The great news is that locking the bike in a special box is absolutely free, not only for accommodated guests, but for all visitors of the Moravian Karst, who pass through here. Enjoy a visit to the caves without worrying that someone will steal your bike!