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Accommodation Regulations

General Terms and Conditions 
Hotel *** Skalní mlýn 

The Hotel may accommodate only a guest who has been properly checked-in. For the purpose of checking-in of the guest, the hotel’s reception staff shall fill in the guest book in accordance with the guest’s passport or other valid identity card. Personal data provided by the hotel guests are protected by law. An accommodation card with the filled-in name of the hotel, name of the guest, room number, and the services provided by the hotel will be issued immediately upon the commencement  
of the stay. 

When a guest who has been already checked-in arrives at the hotel, the guest is obliged to present a valid hotel ID card. 

On the basis of the ordered accommodation, the hotel is obliged to accommodate the guest until 6 pm at the latest - until the mentioned period, the hotel will book the room for the guest, unless stated otherwise in the order. 

If the guest asks to extend their stay in the hotel, the guest can be offered a different room from the one they previously occupied. 

The hotel is liable for damage to property that has been brought to the hotel by the guest as well as for damage to property that has been deposited in the hotel provided the property has been deposited at the place designated for that purpose or at the place where such items are usually deposited. Liability for damage does not apply to vehicles, pursuant to Article 2947 of the Civil Code, nor to the property that has been left inside the vehicle. To exercise the right to compensation for damage to property that has been put aside or brought inside, the Articles 2945 - 2949 of the Civil Code apply. 

Visitors can be received in the hotel area. The guest is allowed to receive visitors in his or her room only with the permission of the hotel reception desk staff between 8 am and 10 pm.
The hotel will secure medical assistance or transportation to the hospital in case of illness or injury of the guest. 

The guest uses the hotel room for the period of time that has been arranged and agreed upon with the hotel. If the time period of the accommodation was not arranged in advance, the guest checks out of the hotel on the last day at 10:00 am at the latest; the guest vacates the room at the same time. If the guest does not check out and vacate the room within the set period of time, the hotel can charge the guest for the next day’s stay. 

The guest is not allowed to move the hotel’s equipment in the hotel nor in their hotel room. The guest is not allowed to make adjustments or changes to the electrical grid nor any other installation. 

In the hotel, especially in the hotel rooms, the guest is not allowed to use their own electrical appliances; this regulation does not apply to electrical appliances which are used by the guest for their personal hygiene (electric razors, hair dryers etc.). 

The guest is obliged to turn off the taps, turn off the lights in the room and in adjacent premises, close the windows, close the door of the room. 

12. For safety reasons it is not allowed to leave children under 10 years of age without supervision of an adult in the hotel room nor in any other common room of the hotel.  

The guest is not allowed to bring sports equipment nor any other objects into rooms or other premises not intended for this purpose. 

Domestic animals are allowed only in the common rooms.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the hotel. The area designated for smokers is situated in front of the hotel. 

The “quiet hours” last from 10:00 pm to 07:00 am; the guest is obliged to respect the “quiet hours” in the entire area of accommodation. 

The guest is liable for damage on the hotel’s property in accordance with the applicable regulations. 

The guest is obliged to pay for the accommodation ordered and services provided in accordance with the valid price list.  
Retail price list of the temporary accommodation and other services is available for inspection at 
the hotel reception desk.  

Guests’ complaints and any suggestions for improvement shall be received by the hotel management.  

The guest is bound to respect all the accommodation regulations mentioned above. In case the guest breaches these regulations, the hotel management has the right to withdraw from the accommodation contract prior to the expiration of the agreed time period. 

In Blansko, 1 November 2015