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Restaurant Skalní mlýn

The restaurant in Skalní mlýn has always been renowned and not only for its ideal location in the quiet oasis of the Moravian Karst. On summer days you might appreciate the possibility to spent time at its comfortable summer terrace.  

Our main asset is a steady team of cooks, masters of the newest gastronomic trends, who  use fresh and natural ingredients.

Come to have a taste of our Punkva trout with herbs from  our own fish shop. You will not be disappointed!

The capacity of the day-time restaurant is 78 seats, the night-time restaurant with a  bar offers 56 seats. Summer terraces offer 80 seats. Our restaurant is entirely non-smoking. The interior is equipped with respect to function and style of the whole building, so you will feel quite at home here. We are ready to adjust the space for private groups as well, either by separating a part of the restaurant with mobile folding screen panels, or the whole space can be booked for private gatherings, such as weddings, parties, or business events.
Non-smoking restaurant
Our services are being used not only by individual tourists visiting the Moravian Karst, but also by groups that appreciate speed and quality of the waiting staff as well as the high-quality food served. A lot of local, regular guests from Blansko and its surroundings consider us to be their safe haven away from the tumult of the city. They appreciate the possibility to spend time at our summer terrace or to have a cup of something hot after they come back from winter walk through the snow-covered Moravian Karst. 

Gastronomic Calendar

Every year we arrange thematic gastronomic events focused not only on the current season, but also on the use of regional products. Have you already tried our smoked Punkva trout from our own fish tanks, or goat cheese from local farm? Not yet? Then come and visit the restaurant in Skalní mlýn!

Virtual tour

We have prepared a new 3D virtual tour for you