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Výpustek Cave in the Moravian Karst

Výpustek Cave which had a  rich and stormy history is situated nearby Křtiny. As early as in  1938, the Czechoslovakian army had taken over the cave to use it as an ammunition store. A lot of rooms and cave walls had been blasted away and so the natural corridors  became harsh artificial tunnels. During the war, the cave was taken over by the German army, which decided to found here an aircraft engine factory. After the WWII, speleological research was done in the reopened Babická corridor. After the cave has been taken over by the Cave Administration of the Czech Republic and reopened in 2008, the cave has been accessible to the public.

Description of the cave:

 75 min / Duration
 600 m /  Length of the route
 7 - 8 °C / Air temperature

The tour of the cave starts in the entrance hall of former military quarters where the visitors can learn about the rich and stormy history of the place. From the hall you will go down to the concrete shelter, the former reserve command post of the Czech (and before then Czechoslovakian) army. Afterwards you will enter the cave area which has been extensively altered by human activitiy. Extensive mining in order to adjust the cave to German underground aircraft engine factory changed the original small space into today’s monumental tunnels and halls. After the Babická an air shaft leads up to the surface. It used to ventilate the underground factory during the WWII. The remnants of a German boiler room are also very interesting. Coal was used as a fuel and the witnesses testified that the floor channels were able to heat the air in the whole factory up to 17 – 20 °C. The route further continues to Henry’s hall where the dark walls and ceiling are covered with young dripstone decoration - straws and draperies. There is also great acustics in the hall. On your way out you will pass three unadjusted corridors (accessible to public since 2010 and 2013) where you can see the original level of the cave floor as they looked before the clay mining and you will have a look at the two gorges which are up to 20 meters deep.
If you’re visiting Výpustek Cave, we recommend to make a stop in Křtiny to see a  beautiful baroque church which was built according to plans of Jan Blažej Santini. You can finish your trip by stopping in  Jedovnice or visit a museum of speleology in windmill in  Rudice. For more information visit the website of the information centre in Rudice
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