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Punkva Caves the Moravian Karst:

Hidden in the  depth of Pustý žleb, there are the most popular and most visited caves of the Czech Republic. Macocha abyss and the boats on Punkva river - those are the must-see raritites. In  2016, a new, modern entrance building was opened so the base of the whole area has been improved. The caves can be approached from Skalní mlýn either on foot, or by the popular sightseeing train, from Macocha Abyss by the aerial tramway or by the tourist route of Macocha nature trail.

We recommend an early reservation to the Punkva Caves which we will happily provide. You can also try one of our stay packages where the Punkva Caves is reservated automatically.

Description of the cave:

The whole circuit

 60 min /Duration
 1,250 m / Length of the route
 7 - 8 °C / Air temperature
 99%     /Relative humidity

Route with a short boat trip, only  in case of high water level

 70 min  /Duration
 1,550 m / Length of the route

Route without a boat trip, only  in case of high water level

 55 min  /Duration
 1,100 m / Length of the route
Punkva Caves are part of the largest cave system in the Czech Republic - Amateurs’ Cave. The caves were being discovered in years 1909-1933 by an important group lead by Karel Absolon. The tour begins in the  Front Dome where the visitors pass the Guardian, a 4 meters long stalactite, then cross the bridge to the Mirror pond which mirrors the Upside-down umbrella, Two owls, Castle on the rock, or Turkish minaret. Afterwards, you will enter the Reichenbach Dome. Richly decorated Stalagmite corridor further continues to the Back Dome and further to the hall of the Angel, a monumental column of unique shapes. A tunnel corridor will lead you right to the bottom of the abyss. You will be amazed by the view of the 138.5 meters high wall. From the bottom of the Macocha Abyss the visitors begin the boat ride with a stop in Masaryk Dome with lovely dripstone decoration. A column named Husův sloup is the dominant of the place. After a short but magical break, it is only few more steps into the daylight.
OPENING HOURSMondayTuesday-FridaySaturday-Sunday
Januaryclosed8:40 am – 2 pm8:40 am – 2 pm
Februaryclosed8:40 am – 2 pm8:40 am – 2 pm
Marchclosed8:40 am – 2 pm 8:40 am – 2 pm 
April10 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm
May10 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm
June10 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm
July10 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm
August10 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm
September10 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm8:20 am – 4 pm
Octoberclosed8:40 am – 2 pm8:20 am – 4 pm
Novemberclosed8:40 am – 2 pm8:40 am – 2 pm
Decemberclosed8:40 am – 2 pm8:40 am – 2 pm


national holiday - 24 December 2017 - 26 December 2017 and 1 January 2018 closed
Route length - 1,250 m, approx. 60 min
FullSeniors 65+Reduced
180 CZK160 CZK100 CZK

*Route with a short boat trip - 1,550 m, approx. 70 min
FullSeniors 65+Reduced
160 CZK140 CZK90 CZK

*Route  without the boat trip - 1,100 m, approx. 55 min
FullSeniors 65+Reduced
110 CZK90 CZK70 CZK



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