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Sightseeing Train and Aerial Tramway to the Punkva Caves

Modern symbols of environmental protection: Seightseeing train between Skalní mlýn and Punkva Caves and aerial tramway up to the Upper Bridge of Macocha Abyss. As the train and the tramway were suitably integrated to the system of movement of the visitors in this frequented part of the Moravian Karst, cars were successfully excluded from this unique area. Believe us, the view from the tramway down to Macocha will take your breath away once you see the elevation difference. Come visit us and see for yourself!

The transport of visitors from the parking lot atSkalní mlýn to the Punka Caves has been secured by two trains since 1993. Their timetables are synchronized with the entrance times to the Punkva Caves. Regular intervals of 20 or 40 minutes correlate with the caves’ entrance schedule. There are sufficient capacities available so even in the most frequented days there is no reason to worry that you will not get to the caves on time.

Macocha Aerial Tramway provides the connection from the Punkva Caves to the bridges and the Macocha Chalet since 1995. It is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly means of transport, moreover, since it is situated in its natural environment effectively and thoughtfully, there is no doubt about its importance. We have successfully transported hundreds of thousands of visitors in the 20-year history of its existence. It is a practical alternative for all the visitors of Moravian Karst who don’t want to or cannot walk. Its route passes the limestone rocks so a spectacular view is guaranteed.

Price List

Sightseeing TrainReturnOne-way
Adults140 CZK100 CZK
Children, students100 CZK 80 CZK
Cable liftReturnOne-way
Adults140 CZK100 CZK
Children, students100 CZK80 CZK
Adults240 CZK180 CZK
Children, students180 CZK140 CZK
Car100 CZK
Motorbike50 CZK
Bus300 CZK
Caravan200 CZK

  • Children under the age of 3 who are not part of an organized children’s tour
  • Children of the age of 3 to 15, organized tours of children up to the age of 3
  • Owners of ZTP (severe health disability) card and ZTP/P (severe health disability needing special assistence) card
  • Students; on presentation of a valid student ID card
Opening hours

Technical Specifications

Sightseeing Trains:
  • Launched: 22 May 1993
  • Route length: approx. 2 km
  • manufacturer: Tschu-Tschu Bahnen, Germany
  • Motor type: Nissan
  • Number of trains: 2 (winter, summer)
  • Year of manufacture: 1993
  • Speed: up to 25 kph
  • Station of departure: Skalní mlýn
  • Terminal station: Punkva Caves (Punkevní jeskyně)
  • Length of ride: approx. 10 min
Aerial Tramway:
  • Laying of the foundation stone: 27 June 1994
  • Launched: 6 May 1995
  • manufacturer: Doppelmayr, Austria
  • Altitude of the bottom station: 361.83 meters above the sea level
  • Altitude of the upper station: 492.92 meters above the the sea level
  • Length of ride: 2.05 - 2.12 minutes
  • Elevation difference: 131.9 m
  • Number of supports: 2
  • Slope distance: 249.31 m
  • Number of cabins: 2
  • Transport capacity (persons per hour): 353
  • cabin capacity: 15 persons
  • Speed: 2.5 m/s
  • Average slope: 63.41%
  • Cable diameter: 41.00 mm


Virtual tour

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